Special Order

Custom Event and Wedding Flowers!

Step 1: Start your custom wedding flowers order here!

You’re able to get EXACTLY what you want down to the detail.   Hit save to genrate a temporary access link good for the day, and remember to hit “finished” on the last page to generate a permenant access link so you can keep coming back to play.

Step 2: Reserve your wedding date

After you finish your quote there are 3 options:

a. Only pay the $100 date retainer.  To do this, you’ll “finish” your quote and get redirected to the “reserve date” page to verify we have space and submit payment.  Then take care of the balance any time 30 days prior to your wedding date.

b. Pay the entire flower invoice.  In this scenario you don’t need to pay the $100, but you still need to pop over to the “reserve date” page and reserve your date!

c. Not ready?  Save Quote longer term by clicking on “Finish,” generate an editing link, and then you can resume later on.


Step 3: Sign the contract (a.k.a. Service Agreement)

Moving forward?  The contract is now built right into the form.  Sign electronically right on the page.  Here is a link to view the terms for your reference.

Reserve rental items, too. One stop shop.

Visit this rentals page to view the selection, then pop over to the quote form and fill in the product number, etc. If you like it then you should probably put a ring on it.

Prefer to meet in person or over the phone?

It’s OK to be different. 😉 Click to schedule!