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Hey! Andrea here,

I'm so excited to give all you lovebirds the ability to order wedding flowers online, from the comfort of your home. I mean REAL deal, ready and waiting for you, worry-free, wedding flowers. (Not flowers that show up in a box and need hours of manual labor right before your ceremony.) I hope this pricing tool helps you feel extra prepared to get your flowers! Have fun! Andrea

Looking for help?

Are you looking for more info on flower varieties, policies, procedures, etc?  Check out the learning center, or feel free to contact us!


What happens after submitting?


The end of the form asks you to choose from reserve date, pay in full, or save only.

01: If you choose to reserve your date  (and any rentals) you will be redirected to the reserve date page to finish up.

02: If you choose to pay the full balance, the payment terms and service agreement magically appear and it prompt you to read & sign/date.

03: If you choose to save for later, you’ll elect the ‘finished’ button to save the enty in our save the entry to our system longer term so you can leave it and come back later.

Q: I decided I want to talk this over instead. How do I schedule?

A: If you’d rather talk on the phone or in person, let’s do it. Here is a button to help with that option:

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