So jazzed! Earlier this week I asked a client if her gift-paintings were well received (pics below). Here is what I got back:

“Coreen was the first to open hers.  She shrieked in glee.  I asked her if she knew what it was, and she said, “of course!  It’s Kitty!  Oh my God, how did you do this?  Did you paint this?”  As that was going on, Kate pulled out hers.  Kate is not normally one to show emotion but she teared up and sat there speechless until she could utter, “it’s Bo.  How . . ..? At the same time, Lisa pulled out her painting, but it was with the back to her.  She reached for the authentication envelope first, so I said to her, “I lied to you, and you’ll know what I mean when you turn it over.”  She did, and started bawling.  She sat there crying for a good 10 minutes looking at her painting of Lefty before she could move.

Since then, I have received texted pictures from Kate and Coreen where they hung up their art.  Both commenting (and also since, I’ve received thank yous) that this was the best thing they have ever received.  Lisa gave me a thank you letting me know that this is the most thoughtful gift anyone has ever done for her – EVER!  I have talked to them since and reminded them that there is your business card on the back, and they should check out your website to do the same for someone else. “

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate this type of feedback. It confirms I am on the right path!
So far, I haven’t heard of anyone NOT freaking out ( in a good way) when they get their piece. And these gifts have staying power, it won’t end up in the trash or re-gifted.  Every once in a while I even get a text from an old client with a picture of where they hung their painting after moving into a new house. Years later!  Totally cool.
I need to explain something important:

It’s more about the process than the artwork.

This is easy to grasp once you’ve been on the receiving end, then suddenly it’s like….. AHA …. I feel seen. Understood. Loved. Someone took the time to hire an artist to paint something they know I enjoy. They were paying attention.

Then instantly you’ll think of someone you want to commission a piece for.
What is your husband into? Classic cars?  What are your close friends into? Do you have an amazing old photo of your gal?  Favorite pets? Kids having fun?
I am really enjoying this and I know you will, too!
Andrea Tracy
[email protected]