Our Values

Here is what to expect


Temper your hopes and avoid the rage of unmet expectations. Unfortunately we are all very strange. Learning to love is a skill, not a feeling.

Be charitable and generous in your interpretation of another’s unappealing surface behavior.   We are all a very perplexing mix of good and bad.  Most people learn to both love and hate someone at the same time…. when we are four years old!  Fascinating talk:

Max Effort

There is no A for effort in the flower business, but there’s no A for laziness either.  


This is a beautiful perspective.  Ester keeps it real.  

Work Life Balance

We keep generous hours in favor of customers, and I need to be generous with myself as well by keeping my off hours strictly for me.  Often I’ll pull an all-nighter the night before a big wedding, and by the time the event rolls around I am toast!   Event Clean Up is not a Service we provide here!


Generous  in giving peiple the benefit  of the doubt, sharing information, resosurces, the list goes on.  No one benefits from stingyness.

Be Direct

Compromise is an achievement of love, it’s nothing to be ashamed of!  We just might be here to learn to communicate and negotiate effectively.  You nenver know.