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My New Favorite Centerpiece!

I'm in love with this one! I so badly want to make a bunch and sell them on Etsy or Amazon, but alas, when I bought the urn it was the last of its kind. Most of the silk flowers were acquired before I started making them from scratch, but it does have 12 handmade...

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Experiment Part 2!

The Flower Crown needed a coordinating Ring Bearer Pillow.... ta-da!  This little gem runs about 9"x 9"  and weighs next to nothing which is great for shipping purposes. After looking around on the web at what is available in the tiny pillow department I felt the...

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Here goes my little experiment!

I am killing two birds with one stone with this bad boy! Maybe even a third bird.  Actually, I'm counting between 4 and 5 birds. First off, when I recently delivered a rather large spread of flowers for J & K, I decided weekends with these big, big orders are not the...

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Considering DIY? We can help!

The video training starts here!  We also have a super comprehensive quiz to help you decide whether you’re likely to rock DIY flowers: