Floral Design Dream Team

We love flowers, and designing, and shopping.  My daughter is my secret weapon.

Keep scrolling to fnd out why Jet City Flowers is the best place to book your flowers and decor.

Why Jet City Flowers

Get access to rare rental Items from overseas when you book with us!

Be different! This is your wedding backdrop! Let me hook you up.

Book rental items right alongside flowers

Even less time spent in traffic and on the phone

If you want a specific style, we will nail it

I am a straightforward communicator.  If I don’t quite understand I keep on gathering information until I DO!

Formal training in wedding and events

Weddings and valentines day design experience are two very different things.

Flexible appointments

Available until 8PM! Face to face appointments are more effecient for some people. Iy get it!  Some of us didn’t event lay eyes on a smart phone unti after college.

100% client satisfaction

We refuse to break our winning streak. Therefore, I follow instructions on orders and I don’t say yes when I mean maybe.  Clear straightforward communication, always.

You get to design and pick the price

The online order system allows you to set your own price by  adjusting items like the greenery to flowers ratio, for example.

Immediate protection via contract proposal

We convert your quote into something real right off the bat. It’s easier to make subsitutions and changes later on than it is to flounder in uncertainty.

Legit VIP, referral bonus, and affiliate programs

It is important that you walk away amazed at how much money you saved.  If we offer enough value we hope you will help spread the word.  In fact, I recommend you head over to the VIP page once you get your flowers sorted. The whole concept is brilliant, I wish I could take credit!

Hi I’m Andrea Tracy,

My daughter and I have lived in the Ballard/Magnolia area for about 10 years.  I started as an apprentice in an event floral design studio, learned there for 4 years, and I have been doing flowers for friends and families’ events ever since. Specialties include weddings, parties, events, and sprucing up the home or office. I decided to take my services public in 2017 because I am so passionate about this type of work!

Proud Of Things.

Collecting little tiny pictures of things we are involved in: